Block Party is a seed-stage tech startup building powerful consumer tools for online safety and privacy. Our flagship Twitter product landed us on the Fast Company Most Innovative Companies list and was the secret weapon for staying safe on Twitter used by journalists, activists, creators, academics, and anyone else who needed, or wanted! to be extremely online. That product is currently on indefinite hiatus (thanks, Elon) but we’ve set our sights on a different part of the problem: helping you tackle online attacks before they happen.

Privacy Party is a browser extension that reduces your risk of harassment, cyberstalking, fraud, and other digital threats with automated privacy playbooks for your social media accounts. And that’s just the beginning: as novel risks emerge from new technologies like generative AI, we’ll expand our portfolio of safety interventions to keep you in control of your online experiences.

We’re a fast-paced, experienced team of Stanford, Harvard, and MIT alums led by founder and CEO Tracy Chou (early engineer at Pinterest, Quora, and Facebook; 2022 Time Woman of the Year; Forbes 30 under 30). Although we’re all remote, we make time for meetups in the Bay Area and New York when we can. Our team is nimble and scrappy, which means lots of ownership for everyone—and we’ve cultivated a high-performance culture that moves decisively and executes relentlessly because the stakes of our work are so high. Plus, we’ve got the runway to build thanks to the support of world class investors like Precursor and Stellation.

Join us, and let’s put consumers in control of their digital experiences.

Note: The salary ranges displayed are the ranges for the level of seniority we anticipate hiring, but we have flexibility for more senior candidates.